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Click Here to Order a My Coping Ball

6.3cm Soft Foam Stress Ball.

There are many benefits in using stress balls at work, home, and everywhere in between! While stress balls are great for improving blood pressure and arthritis, they can also improve our mental health. Dr. Jane Ogden, a psychology professor at the University of Surrey, reports that stress balls significantly reduce anxiety, particularly for those who are in high-stress situations like surgery.Ogden and other researchers at the University of Surrey evaluated 398 patients who were undergoing varicose vein surgery. The team used a system of measurement called the S-STAI (state-trait anxiety inventory) to track the anxiety levels of each patient as they awaited the procedure. Some of the patients had a distraction, like a stress ball to squeeze, DVD to watch, or nurse to chat with, while others awaited the surgery without anything else to direct their focus.The study found that stress balls and other distractions not only made the patients feel less anxious, but also helped reduce their pain. Who knew a little foam toy could be that impactful?


  • Better Sleep. When we’re stressed, we tend to stay up all night tossing and turning. Stress balls eliminate some of those feelings and make us hit the hay a little easier.
  • Hand Strength. Ready to compete on “American Ninja Warrior?” You can get better grip strength by regularly squeezing a stress ball. This is also recommended for people with muscle atrophy (decrease in muscle mass).
  • Healthier Heart. A team at Harvard Medical School found that stress can lead to heart disease. Physical activity, like squeezing a stress ball, helps our mind and body relax and improves our heart health.
  • Good Mood. Your work load isn’t going to get smaller by squeezing a stress ball, but it does give your brain a moment to reset and focus. This will stop you from feeling bummed out by stress.
  • More Energy. According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, a decorative workspace leads to more productivity and energy. Stress balls in fun shapes and colors are an easy way to add style to your desk.
  • Boost Performance. A German study found that soccer players and martial artists performed well when they squeezed a ball in their less dominant hand (right for lefties, left for righties) during competition.
  • Improved Memory. In 2013, college students were given a list of words to remember as they clenched a small pink ball. By squeezing with their right hand, they activated the left side of their brain and performed well on the memory test.


Choose from the following: 

Purple Grimace  

Green Smiley

Orange Laughy

Red Angry

Blue Sleepy 

Yellow Happy 


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