• Jeff Holland

My Coping Cards — One Month Update

What an amazing month it’s been since “My Coping Cards” were funded on Kickstarter!? I’m not sure my wife or I could’ve imagined the amount of support and well-wishes we received for starting this passion project back in June this year. Since that time we’ve been able to create a website at and started an Amazon site so people can order additional decks from those outlets.

Friends and family have all helped to make this passion project into a reality and we’re so thankful. We’ve also had interest here in Carlsbad and Oceanside, California and are now in two local stores; Trove in downtown Carlsbad and Gypsy Soul Dreaming In Oceanside.

The next phase will be to try and get more news outlets and mental health professionals interested so they can share the information to a broader audience in hopes of helping those who might be needing to practice better self care through this supplemental type of coping method.

Please stay tuned to our blog on the website as well as on Medium and social media for our continuing updates and thank you all for your continued support!

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