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I was Unfriended on Facebook because of my Mental Health Project

A couple months ago I started a campaign on Kickstarter to raise money for a passion project of mine that was meant as an aid for people struggling with anxiety, stress and depression. I called it “My Coping Cards.”

My Coping Cards are a set of 72 individual cards with inspirational quotes, motivational sayings and suggested activities people can use to actively combat negative self talk or intrusive thoughts. Kickstarter suggests that you actively promote your campaigns to your friends and family to help kick-start the fund raising process and also ask that they help spread the word on the project throughout the month-long campaign. 

I followed Kickstarter’s recommendations to the letter throughout the month of May when I launched the initiative. I’m happy to report that the project received full funding and we are now actively selling on Amazon and through the website. I was especially proud of this since I personally know of a few friends who told me candidly that this project is especially meaningful to them. However at one point during the campaign I noticed that one particular individual removed me as a “friend” on Facebook. It was especially odd since this was a person who could most benefit from the use of the cards. Not to get into too many specifics but I was told that this person’s wife took it upon herself to unfriended me on her husband’s account claiming to a mutual friend she thought it was a “trigger” for him seeing the posts.

I understand emotions and triggers but this seemed a strange way to go about it. I would’ve much preferred her muting my feed for a month while the campaign was ongoing or simply having a discussion with me about the project as opposed to the seeming finality of unfriending. I’m certain by now he’s aware of us not being “friends” on Facebook and can only assume that he thinks I unfriended him which makes the situation even more awkward.

The irony is sad to me but people deal with emotions differently, though I do wish at some point we can have a conversation about this as this project is tailor made for a person in his situation. Until then I hope it is helping others to combat the negativity and depressive thoughts that can creep inside us all.

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