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Whether you have a mental health challenge or you just want to practice better self care, My Coping Cards™ can help



Not long ago I lost a family member to suicide.

When I got the news I — along with the rest of my family — were completely shocked. She hadn’t asked any of us for help or let anyone know she was obviously struggling. Looking back there may have been very subtle signs but nothing to indicate she was even contemplating something this drastic and final. We all wish there was something we might’ve been able to do to help but I’m not sure we would’ve known the best way to go about it.

When cleaning out her home, we noticed she had self-help books, note cards and little yellow sticky notes throughout the house. Some were on tables, some stuck to mirrors and inside of cabinets. They all had various motivational quotes, activities and affirmations that she must’ve gleaned from various mindfulness resources. I believe she was using these notes to keep her spirits up and try to switch the station in her brain to something a bit more upbeat than what she was dealing with emotionally.

Following that, I thought, “What if there was a card kit — vetted by healthcare professionals — that people could use as part of their mental wellness treatment program or to simply help practice better self care?”

My Coping Cards™ were born.

In April 2019, I started a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to try and get the project off the ground. On May 18th, the project received full funding from 79 amazing project backers who donated to the cause. The funding will be enough to design and order the initial card decks and start getting them produced and distributed. 

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness 1 in 5 — nearly 44 million — U.S. adults will experience a mental health condition in a given year, and nearly 22 percent of children between the ages of 13 and 18 will experience a serious mental disorder in their lifetime. Even more critical, 90% of people who die by suicide experience a mental health condition. The best treatments for serious mental illnesses today are highly effective; between 70 and 90% of individuals have a significant reduction of symptoms and an improved quality of life with the right treatments and support system. My Coping Cards™ are meant as a supplement to those treatments.

My Coping Cards™ are small index cards that contain phrases or short sentences for use when experiencing anxiety, stress or depressive thoughts. The cards are portable reminders to boss back anxiety.

Negative self-talk doesn’t help. You can try to thought-stop but unless you’ve got a ready replacement, it probably won’t work (the mind’s not so good at staying quiet).

That’s why preparing coping statements and suggested activities  on cards that you carry with you makes sense.

Whenever negative self-talk gets you down, pull out your coping card and read your positive affirmations or perform a short exercise until you feel better. It sounds too simple to work, but it does.

Coping statements are truthful positive statements used to replace the negative and untrue thoughts that take-over when you feel anxious, stressed, angry and/or when facing other overwhelming situations.

Verbalizing your coping statements can help you calm down and stay in control. They offer reassurance that you can make it through difficult periods.

With these cards on your person at all times, you can pull it out and read the statements to yourself whenever you need to — no memory required.


Creator of My Coping Cards™, Jeff Holland joins KUSI to talk more about how they can help with anxiety, stress, and negative self-talk.


Self-care tool created to help with anxiety, stress and negative self-talk

Jeff Holland, was personally affected by mental illness recently when a family member succeed at taking her own life. When cleaning out her house following her suicide he found a number of hand-written sticky notes and index cards with positive affirmations, motivational quotes and suggested activities taped to her furniture, mirrors and cabinets.


My Coping Cards™ creator Jeff Holland talks with morning show hosts Jagger and Kristi about the development of the self-care product



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